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What exactly is the eVisa for Tanzania?

The approved e-Visa for Tanzania is a document granted by the Government of Tanzania that you will receive by e-mail that is allowing any citizen of any of the eligible countries with passports that are valid for at least six (6) months from the expected date of entry into Tanzania , to apply online for a Tanzania e-Visa for tourism or business purposes.

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The eVisa for Tanzania Online Application Process

Any Foreign eligible individual that is planning to visit Tanzania is totally able to complete a short and easy online e-Visa application form for visiting Tanzania for tourism or business purposes.

This online process for e-Visa for Tanzania was implemented towards the end of 2016 by the Government of Tanzania, with the goal of enabling any of the future travelers and visitors to apply for an e-Visa to Tanzania .

Benefits of processing your online eVisa application for Tanzania through our agency

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24/365 Customer Assistance

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More than 90% of applications approved in 24 hours

Tanzania eVisa eligible countries

Please see in the following form which are the 70 eligible countries that can apply for the online eVisa application. If your country is not appearing in the country list we recommend you to reach the closest Tanzania embassy for processing the standard Tanzania Visa.

Visit the Home Country of Kiliminjaro

Wildlife, beaches, friendly people, fascinating cultures, Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Mt Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar Archipelago – Tanzania has all these and more wrapped up in one adventurous, welcoming package. Sending its shadow across Tanzania's northern plains, Mt Kilimanjaro beckons visitors with its graceful, forested flanks and stately snow-capped summit. It is Africa's highest peak and the world's highest free-standing volcano. It is also home to the Chagga people, and to a wealth of birds and wildlife. Climbers by the thousands venture here to challenge themselves on its muddy slopes, rocky trails and slippery scree. The rewards: the thrill of standing at the top of Africa; magnificent views of Kilimanjaro's ice fields; and witnessing sunrise illuminating the plains far below.

Tanzania’s Indian Ocean coastline is magical, with tranquil islands and sleepy coastal villages steeped in centuries of Swahili culture. Travel back in time to the days when the East African coast was the seat of sultans and a linchpin in a far-flung trading network extending to Persia, India and beyond. Relax on powdery beaches backed by palm trees and massive baobabs; take in magnificent, pastel-hued sunrises; immerse yourself in languid coastal rhythms; and sit beneath the billowing sails of a wooden dhow, listening to the creaking of its rigging and the gentle slap of the sea against its prow.

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africantravelling.com, is a private company specialized in immigration that is not having any affiliation to the Government of Tanzania . The service fee of 75€ that is charged is including high quality immigration and travel services and advices that are helping individuals and legal entities to enter Tanzania , in addition to the fees that are set by the Tanzania government with the amount of 44€. Our exclusive expert travel assistance service is also including updates and information regarding your application status, any help with the submission of the e-Visa for Tanzania application, as well as any of the communications of the results via email or any additional communication channel.